Continuing Progress

I reactivated my facebook yesterday. It’s so refreshing to just delete it and get away from all that crap for a week or so. I find it interesting how easily it can consume all my time and attention. Not only that, but when I’m on facebook, or have been in the past, I have to fight the urge to check on some of those people’s (my ex and his girlfriend) pages to see what they’ve been up to.

Well, I just got through all my updating and checking all my emails and everything on facebook and twitter. When I logged off, I remembered that I hadn’t blogged in a while so I came to this page. When I got here, I realized that I had absolutely no temptation while on facebook to look to see what he’s been up to. It just never even crossed my mind until just now. Something, huh? Not only did I not have to fight a temptation constantly, I didn’t even have a temptation. I’m starting to like this new train of thought. I definitely hope it keeps up.

I’ve spent the last five days in Louisiana and I head back up to school tomorrow. It’s been a refreshing break to get away from school and my friends for a few days. When I get back to school, I’m going to start my resolution to make an effort to not see my ex. Hopefully that will get rid of some of the anxiety. I think I have a pretty good grasp on when I see him most often and where he tends to go, so I’m going to try to go to different places. If he’s not going to help me out by avoiding me, then I’m definitely going to make the effort. I hope that helps.

Other than that, my good mood has really kept up. I find myself happier a lot more. Those little hypothetical conversations in my head have almost completely stopped. To tell you the truth, I still think about him at least once every day, but I’ll just tell myself to stop, and I will. It really is as easy as all that. I still have my struggles, I still have my doubts, but I’m continuing to pray. I’ve never been a prayer warrior, but I’m not ready to give up on prayer just yet.

So, for this week, I give it to God. I whole heartedly ask that this mood stays in a positive trend and that I continue to make progress on mending my heart and healing my soul.


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